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    “Arvneeti” means “strategy to prosper”. The annual cultural and management fest of DFS, capture that essence finely. Arvneeti provides students from various B-schools, an opportunity to pit their ideas and skills to war as they battle it out to show their best. With various competitions, like “B-magnet”, “Fin Answer”, “Brand-E-Thon”, “Random Walk”, “Prayas”, etc., judged by distinguished and esteemed corporate professionals, “Arvneeti”, provides students a platform to test their knowledge and business wits, developing their skills through interaction and harnessing them to create ingenious ideas.

    Travel & Learn: HR Training


    The outbound training in the picture sque Kyari village in Uttrakhand was an important highlight of the DFS calendar serving both the role of outdoor excursion as well a team building exercise. Students were randomly distributed into teams that indulged in various tasks that incorporated fun as well team spirit. No doubt it was an experience unmatched and unparalleled.

    Sports Activities

    The Department of Financial Studies participated actively in “Varchasva”, the annual sports meet of the University of Delhi South Campus. The meets comprising of sports like cricket, football, volleyball and badminton fostered the spirit of group activity in the students, apart from being a breather from the academic regimen.

    The month of March also saw the inaugural season of AFSPOL or AFCON Sports League, wherein the players were auctioned and traded on the basis of performance points and a round robin cricketing tournament not only provided the thrills but also introduced the students to the exciting world of sports management.