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    Guest lectures/ Workshops

    Guest Lectures/Workshops
    Corporate Leadership Lecture Series

    At DFS, we recognize that it takes more than just the knowledge imparted within the confines of a classroom to produce leaders. For this purpose, we conduct a series of interactive sessions with key executives and corporate leaders of the industry. The aim of the exercise is to have our students interact with the leaders and achievers of various domains. We believe that there is much to be learned, not only in the way of the expertise and knowledge that those at the helm inevitably attain, but also in the way of their journey and experiences. Not only is the program beneficial, it is also motivating for the students to interact with the personalities that they strive to emulate.

    Industry Connect Lecture Series

    As a part of our Guest Lecture series, we invite experts from different industry verticals to come and share their knowledge and expertise with student participants. Interactive sessions with professionals allow students to keep abreast with domain advances and challenges in the industry. This helps them to understand practical aspects of the imparted theoretical knowledge and hone their abilities to assume specialist roles in organizations. Such interactions also provide prospective recruiters an opportunity to fairly gauge the student’s aptitude as well as their knowledge and understanding of the subjects and fundamentals of finance and management.

    During the academic year 2023-24, the Department orchestrated an impressive lineup of over 20 Guest Lecture Series, featuring renowned experts sharing their insights on pivotal topics such as Valuations, Angel Investing, Investment Management, Investment Research, Investment Banking- M&A, Portfolio Management, Real Estate, REITs, Credit Rating, Wealth Management, and Risk Management. Each session was a beacon of knowledge, with prominent figures in the field delivering enlightening presentations and engaging discussions. The department ensures that students receive top-tier education and exposure to cutting-edge practices in finance and investment.


    Workshops give us hands-on experience with the standard operational tools and real practices used in the industry, acting as a medium to implement our learnings more efficiently. There have been various workshops conducted in the past to familiarize us with the most frequently used tools. These workshops are conducted by DFS during the 2023-24 Session:

    • Science of Spirituality: Presenting an enlightening experience on the intersection between spirituality and finance at the Department of Financial Studies. In today’s fast-paced world, where the pursuit of wealth and success often takes precedence, it is essential to pause and reflect on the deeper aspects of human existence. The session on the Science of Spirituality seeks to provide students with a holistic understanding of life’s purpose and meaning beyond materialistic pursuits. Led by esteemed scholars and practitioners in the field, the session aims to bridge the gap between financial knowledge and spiritual wisdom, offering profound insights that can enrich both personal and professional lives.
    • Refinitiv Eikon: In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, access to reliable data and powerful analytics is paramount for success. This session offered students a valuable opportunity to familiarize themselves with one of the industry’s leading financial information platforms – Refinitiv Eikon.