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    Finance Insight

    Finance Insight

    Finance Insight is one of the Annual Events of DFS. This year the Department of Financial Studies successfully organized a series of Finance Insight sessions on February 10 and March 16, 2024. These sessions covered critical topics such as alternative real estate investments, diversification and portfolio management, and the role of venture capital and private equity in startup success.

    Session 1: Alternative Real Estate Investments

    The first session explored the differences between structural ownership and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). Structural ownership allows direct control and customization of assets, while REITs provide liquidity and diversification through a portfolio of income-generating properties. Emphasizing innovation and adaptability, the discussion highlighted the transformative potential of REITs in the real estate market.

    Session 2: Diversification and Portfolio Management

    In the second session, professionals discussed portfolio construction, risk management, and family office services. Mr. Gaurav Rustagi emphasized robust risk management frameworks, Mr. Kunal Jain focused on client-centric approaches, and Mr. Monish Ganguli shared insights into investment banking and mutual funds. Their expertise offered actionable strategies for managing financial complexities.

    Session 3: Venture Capital and Private Equity in Startup Success

    The final session featured insights into strategic investment decisions and prudent portfolio management for startups. Mr. Swaminathan stressed long-term sustainability, Mr. Johari highlighted the importance of timing and innovation, Mr. Sinha discussed purposeful fundraising, and Mr. Jain provided strategies for optimizing capital deployment and maximizing shareholder value.

    Each session provided attendees with valuable knowledge and practical strategies. The Department expresses gratitude to the panelists for their contributions, which inspired and educated students, reinforcing our commitment to fostering financial expertise and leadership.