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    Organizing, Logistics & Convention Committee (OL&CC)

    The Organizing, Logistics & Convention Committee (OL&CC) at the Department of Financial Studies is responsible for meticulously organizing events with professionalism, ensuring all details are attended to. The flagship event, the Annual Convention, brings together prominent figures in Finance, Consulting, Analytics, and Economics, enhancing the college’s reputation as a hub for learning and discussion.

    OL&CC serves as a bridge between the college, industry, and students, creating win-win situations for all. By organizing high-profile events like the Annual Convention, the committee attracts attention and exposes students to real-world practices and career opportunities. These events facilitate interaction between students, faculty, and industry professionals, fostering idea exchange and relationship building, contributing to a dynamic college experience.

    Additionally, OL&CC ensures the smooth functioning of guest lectures and workshops, providing essential infrastructure support. The committee’s efforts in planning and executing events create immersive learning experiences beyond the classroom. Bringing industry leaders to campus offers students unparalleled networking, mentorship, and exposure to industry insights and trends, inspiring them to strive for excellence and innovation.

    OL&CC also fosters event management, leadership skills, teamwork, and attention to detail among its members, offering a platform for personal and professional growth. These contributions significantly shape well-rounded, future-ready individuals poised to excel in business and finance.

    In the latest election, Mr. Aryan Sinha was elected Secretary, and Mr. Omansh Sharma assumed the role of Joint Secretary for the 2024-25 term.