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    DFS Enterprise

    About DFS Enterprise

    DFS Enterprise is a body governed by the Department of Financial Studies in collaboration with other top academic and research institutions in India. The aim of DFS Enterprise is to create a first-of-its-kind incubation centre among academia which will serve as a bridge between real-world business and corporate challenges and the research and innovation taking place in university-led institutions. DFS Enterprise aims to provide a platform both to students and businesses to collaborate and tackle real-world challenges through technological innovation.

    What Kind of Challenges Will DFS Enterprise Help Solve?

    Most businesses are facing severe pressure in the way they function. Whether it is the demands of the consumers or the rapidly changing pace of technology, businesses more than ever are now being forced to adapt to this fourth technological revolution or face becoming obsolete. Some of the challenging areas are:

    • Fintech
    • Analytics
    • Up-Skilling & Re-skilling
    • Proptech

    How DFS Enterprises Will Support Corporates

    • Run a one-day high-impact 4-hour workshop which will invite two corporates in non-competing sectors to lay out the top 3 problems currently their businesses face.
    • DFS will relay all these problems to their student and startup community to discover people with capabilities to provide solutions at a fast pace and low cost.
    • DFS will shortlist top solution providers and invite them to present solutions to the corporates on their respective challenges and at the same time enable a knowledge exchange between students, startups, and corporate executives.
    • The right solution providers may enter into a contract with corporates to further enhance solutions and develop technologies which will remedy the businesses’ problems along with guidance from the DFS think tank.
    • DFS Enterprises will also take up workshops and executive learning courses for up-skilling of the corporate workforce.


    Prof. Sanjay Sehgal

    Head of Department, Department of Financial Studies


    Phone: +91-9891199840