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    The 36th Annual Convention

    The Department of Financial Studies organized its 36th Annual Convention on September 23, 2023, at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, focusing on “Green Footprints in Finance.” Distinguished guests received a warm welcome from the professors and the President of the student body, AFCON. The primary objective of this event was to explore the critical connection between finance and sustainable building methods.

    The chief guest, Mr. Sanjiv Saraff, currently the Joint Managing Director at BOB Capital Markets Ltd., brought over 27 years of experience in investment banking. His extensive expertise spans multiple sectors, including conglomerates, banking, aviation, and renewable energy. Our guest of honor, Prof. Florent Deisting, Director of Social Transition at TBS Education, holds a PhD in Economics and is renowned for his publications on financial markets and derivatives. He focuses on integrating Sustainable Development Goals into business school curricula to foster future leaders capable of driving positive change.

    The convention comprised four sessions, each graced by prominent dignitaries from the corporate industry. The first session delved into the pivotal role of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in shaping the finance landscape. Emphasizing the necessity of prioritizing sustainability, panelists highlighted the dynamic evolution and increasing significance of ESG in finance. The session underscored the importance of governance in ensuring business sustainability within ESG frameworks and addressed urgent climate change challenges. Additionally, the significance of MSMEs adhering to sustainability norms for funding access and the expanding consulting opportunities in ESG were discussed. The panel emphasized the imperative for stakeholders to integrate ESG considerations into decision-making processes for positive environmental and financial outcomes.

    In the second session, experts highlighted the critical role of financial institutions, particularly banks, in driving sustainability initiatives through green finance. Mr. Muneesh Kumar emphasized a bottom-up approach and the importance of ESG factors in mitigating balance sheet risk. Mr. Rahul Agarwal underscored the threat of climate change to global GDP growth and questioned investor willingness to accept lower returns for green investments. Mr. Nishant Bansal provided insights into India’s green financing market and discussed the roles of various ESG bonds in improving environmental performance. The experts collectively stressed the importance of financial institutions in fostering green finance for sustainable development.

    The third session focused on the anticipated growth of investments in India’s real estate sector, particularly in office and residential development, over the next decade. Ms. Neha Kumar highlighted how technology integration is driving sustainability and efficiency in construction, leveraging India’s strong tech landscape. Climate finance initiatives like the Climate Bonds Initiative, championed by Ms. Kumar, aim to fund renewable projects and sustainable infrastructure for resilient real estate. Mr. Bhatiya underscored Tata Cleantech’s dedication to renewable financing and advocated for green building initiatives and eco-friendly materials, vital for promoting sustainability in construction practices.

    The final session emphasized the limited adoption of ESG principles in India, despite global trends indicating their importance. It was noted that ESG investing in India remains in its infancy, with only 12 mutual funds collectively managing around 11 thousand crore in assets under management (AUM). The discussion highlighted the significance of recognizing all three components of ESG equally, with governance being particularly crucial within the investment domain. Additionally, the panel delved into how ESG practices reflect a shift in consumer preferences towards conscious purchasing decisions, underscoring a broader societal trend towards sustainability and ethical considerations.

    Overall, the convention was a resounding success, providing valuable insights into the integration of sustainable practices in finance and fostering a deeper understanding of the critical role ESG factors play in shaping the future of the industry.

    Alumni Meet

    The Department of Financial Studies hosted memorable gatherings of esteemed alumni at its Annual Alumni Meets, held in both Mumbai and Delhi. The events served as poignant reunions for past and present members of the DFS fraternity, facilitating connections and celebrating achievements.

    The meet commenced with a heartfelt welcome from Ms. Yashika Garg, Secretary of the Alumni Committee, who underscored the importance of maintaining ties with our alma mater and fostering a robust network among fellow alumni. This sentiment resonated deeply with all attendees, setting the tone for a day filled with nostalgia and camaraderie.

    Adding to the grandeur of the occasion were notable alumni, including luminaries such as Ajay Tyagi, Head of Equity at UTI AMC; Ashish Khetan, Founder of Serenity Funds; Sanjeev Saraf, Jr. Managing Director at BOB Capital; and Anand Jha, Vice President of Corporate Banking at HDFC and many more. Their participation added significant value to the event, inspiring current students and reinforcing the department’s commitment to nurturing future leaders in the financial industry.

    The physical gatherings offered a unique chance for alumni and current students to engage in meaningful interactions. Through exchanging anecdotes, insights, and aspirations, both parties benefited from each other’s experiences. Alumni expressed eagerness to contribute to the development of their alma mater, offering guidance and mentorship to the next generation of financial professionals.

    The success of the Annual Alumni Meet 2023 reaffirmed the enduring bonds of fellowship and support within our community. Looking ahead, we anticipate further opportunities to celebrate achievements, foster connections, and uphold the spirit of excellence that defines our institution. As we continue to grow and evolve, we remain grateful for the unwavering support of our alumni, who serve as beacons of inspiration for generations to come. Here’s to many more memorable reunions in the years ahead!

    Finance Insight

    The Department of Financial Studies successfully organized a series of Finance Insight sessions on February 10 and March 16, 2024. These sessions covered critical topics such as alternative real estate investments, diversification and portfolio management, and the role of venture capital and private equity in startup success.

    The first session explored the differences between structural ownership and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). Structural ownership allows direct control and customization of assets, while REITs provide liquidity and diversification through a portfolio of income-generating properties. Emphasizing innovation and adaptability, the discussion highlighted the transformative potential of REITs in the real estate market.

    In the second session, professionals discussed portfolio construction, risk management, and family office services. Mr. Gaurav Rustagi emphasized robust risk management frameworks, Mr. Kunal Jain focused on client-centric approaches, and Mr. Monish Ganguli shared insights into investment banking and mutual funds. Their expertise offered actionable strategies for managing financial complexities.

    The final session featured insights into strategic investment decisions and prudent portfolio management for startups. Mr. Swaminathan stressed long-term sustainability, Mr. Johari highlighted the importance of timing and innovation, Mr. Sinha discussed purposeful fundraising, and Mr. Jain provided strategies for optimizing capital deployment and maximizing shareholder value.

    Each session provided attendees with valuable knowledge and practical strategies. The Department expresses gratitude to the panelists for their contributions, which inspired and educated students, reinforcing our commitment to fostering financial expertise and leadership.

    Fresher’s Party

    The Fresher’s Party is an event that every student eagerly looks forward to, marking the beginning of a new journey in their academic and social life. This tradition, upheld by our department, serves as a warm welcome to the new students joining us each year. It’s an occasion designed to make our new members feel at home, integrating them into our vibrant community and helping them get to know their peers in a relaxed, informal setting.

    For the batch that joined in 2023, the Fresher’s Party was organized at “Hustle Cafe”, Hauz Khas, New Delhi. This year’s venue, known for its vibrant ambiance and stylish setting, provided the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable evening. The atmosphere was electric as new students mingled with their seniors, breaking the ice over a lavish spread of food.

    The dance floor was packed as students showed off their moves, and the energy was palpable as everyone reveled in the joyous celebration. The event concluded with a photo session, capturing the happy moments and creating lasting memories. The smiles on everyone’s faces as they left the venue were a testament to the success of the evening.

    Holi Party

    The Sports and Recreation Club (SARC) organized the highly anticipated Holi Party on March 17, 2024, at a picturesque farmhouse in Chattarpur. This poolside event, a cherished annual tradition at DFS, brought together students from both batches for a vibrant and memorable celebration. The event featured organic colors, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly color play. Students enthusiastically participated, creating a lively and colorful atmosphere. The pulsating beats of the DJ kept everyone on their feet, adding to the electrifying ambiance.

    Culinary delights were abundant, with a variety of traditional Holi delicacies and snacks catering to diverse tastes. The poolside setting offered a refreshing escape, while the beautiful farmhouse backdrop provided the perfect environment for relaxation and enjoyment. Engaging activities and games fostered camaraderie among attendees, encouraging interaction and bonding. The event was meticulously organized to ensure a seamless experience, from the vibrant decorations to the well-planned schedule of activities.

    The Holi Party proved to be a highlight of the academic year, successfully fostering a sense of community and creating unforgettable memories. The combination of joyful celebration, excellent organization, and the picturesque venue made it a resounding success, reinforcing the spirit of togetherness at DFS.