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    Abhivyakti, the students’ corner of the Department of Financial Studies (DFS), is dedicated to promoting awareness and knowledge in finance. It serves as a collaborative platform where students share insights and learn from each other’s contributions, fostering a community of finance enthusiasts.

    Content on Abhivyakti covers four main domains to enhance educational experiences and deepen financial acumen:

    • Insightful Articles: Students explore finance topics, discussing theories, trends, and practical applications.
    • Equity Research Reports: Analysis of equity research reports sharpens analytical skills and market understanding.
    • Current Global Financial Events: Highlights significant global financial developments, keeping the community informed.
    • Short Educational Videos: Engaging videos simplify financial terminologies, making complex concepts accessible.

    Active participation across all batches ensures a diverse range of content, enriching the initiative’s vibrancy and success. Abhivyakti maintains a robust presence on social platforms like LinkedIn, facilitating easy access and engagement for finance enthusiasts. By consistently sharing content, Abhivyakti not only expands contributors’ knowledge but also enriches the learning experience for all DFS students. This initiative continues to be integral to DFS, cultivating a stimulating environment for learning, sharing insights, and exploring the depths of finance.