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    True treasures of competition emerge not from medals but from bonds forged amidst athletic battles. To bridge the gap between newcomers and seasoned members of the DFS community, a Cricket Tournament was organized, bringing together the junior cohort (2023-25) and their senior counterparts (2022-24). This event was not merely about winning; it aimed to introduce participants to life at DFS, fostering connections among peers and seniors, setting the tone for a cohesive and supportive community experience.

    The eagerly anticipated cricket match between first and second-year MBA finance students culminated in a thrilling victory for the first-year cohort. Amidst spirited competition marked by strategic plays and remarkable skill, the first-year team emerged triumphant, showcasing their determination and teamwork. Beyond the final score, exemplary sportsmanship shone through.

    The college’s badminton tournament, featuring men’s singles, women’s singles, and mixed doubles, captivated audiences with thrilling matches. With 16 players in the men’s singles, 8 in the women’s singles, and 8 teams in the mixed doubles, the competition was fierce, and participants displayed their prowess with passion and determination. The chess tournament concluded with an intriguing blend of online and offline matches, culminating in the crowning of champions. Pratik Prasad Sah emerged as the undisputed victor, showcasing strategic prowess. Ankit Kumar secured the runner-up position.

    The football match between first and second-year students was a riveting display of skill, teamwork, and competitive spirit. Despite a formidable challenge from the second-year students, the first-year cohort emerged triumphant, showcasing resilience and strategic prowess throughout the game.