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    International Relations Cell 

    At DFS, we believe that it is important for aspiring business students to gain both international exposure and perspective. DFS provides an enriching academic experience to incoming students and at the same time its student community also benefits from the fresh train of thoughts and new ideas that the foreign students have to offer. This mutual learning experience is what we aim to give students.

    DFS has established strong relationships with several Universities and Business Schools over the world and the list continues to grow.

    We have tie ups with the following International Universities :
    1. ESC Pau, France
    2. University of Akron, Ohio
    3. Western Sydney University Australia
    4. Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania
    5. University of Strathclyde Glasgow (Triple Crown Institution)
    6. University of Birmingham, UK
    7. University of Berlin, Germany

    Talking about growing relationships, our association with Esc Pau, France has been quite evident since 7 of their students came to DFS for a semester to study along with our students in 2021.

    It was an exciting experience for all of us at DFS, and we tried our best to make the environment inclusive and friendly for them so that they feel comfortable with the different ways of learning and teaching techniques. Class discussions and various activities helped in making interaction smooth, getting familiar with each other, and connecting in a better way. Hosting them was fun, and we would love to see our relationship with ESC Pau, France grow even more strong with each passing year.

    Such exposure helps students to gain insights into the distinct culture, values, and academic environment of each other’s countries. It opens a world full of opportunities with an unprecedented range of career choices to match their aspirations. It empowers them and makes them capable of overcoming all barriers to build successful professional and personal lives; to be achievers and leaders with the capacity to give wings to their dreams.