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    Corporate Relations Placement Committee (CRPC)

    The Corporate Relations and Placement Committee (CRPC) at the Department of Financial Studies bridges the gap between industry and academia. It manages essential activities such as Campus Placements, Internships, Live Projects, Workshops, Training, and Leadership Sessions. The committee aims to nurture students into global business leaders, entrepreneurs, and policymakers, striving for superior placements by collaborating with industry leaders and professionals. Key responsibilities:
    • Placement Drives: Organizing recruitment drives for job opportunities, enabling students to interview with various employers.
    • Industry Connections: Establishing new collaborations and maintaining existing ones to secure Summer Internships and Final Placements for students.
    • Skill Development: Providing leadership sessions, live projects, workshops, and training to equip students with industry-ready skills and knowledge.
    • Career Guidance: Connecting students with alumni and faculty for career advice, helping them understand their strengths and opportunities to make informed decisions.
    • Networking Opportunities: Facilitating professional networking through Corporate Connects, Alumni Interactions, and Industry Workshops, crucial for career growth.
    The CRPC's methods benefit the student community by ensuring each action aligns with its objectives of securing top-tier placements and enhancing corporate exposure. Through skill development, career guidance, and networking opportunities, students gain both specialized expertise and essential soft skills, preparing them for successful careers and contributing to the overall growth of the Department of Financial Studies. In the latest election, Mr. Subhrojyoti Ghosh was elected Secretary, and Mr. Shobhit Gupta assumed the role of Joint Secretary for the 2024-25 term.