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    Association of Finance and Control (AFCON)

    Association of Finance and Control (AFCON)

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    Association of Finance and Control (AFCON) is a Student council of Department of Financial Studies, University of Delhi.

    Students play a pivotal role in shaping the identity and reputation of our institution, acting as ambassadors who embody its values and ethos. Since its inception, our institution has embraced a student-centric approach, entrusting students with the responsibility of making key decisions that impact both themselves and the collective community.

    Our Esteemed Student Body - Association of Finance and Control (AFCON), elected through democratic processes, serves as the face of the institute, bridging the gap between management, students, and the broader community. Their mandate includes fostering innovation and championing new initiatives to maintain relevance and visibility in the public eye.

    There are five Committees work under AFCON, these are:

    • Corporate Relations and Placement Committee (CRPC)
    • Corporate Communications and Public Relations Committee (CCPR)
    • Alumni Committee
    • Organizing, Logistics and Convention Committee (OL&C)
    • Entrepreneurship and International Relations Committee (E&IR)

    In the latest election, Mr. Vishwam Sharma was elected President, with Mr. Harshit Aggarwal as Vice President, and Mr. Anurag Malhotra as Treasurer, representing the student body (AFCON) for the term (2024-25).

    Vishwam Sharma
    Mr. Vishwam Sharma
    Harshit Aggarwal
    Mr. Harshit Aggarwal
    Anurag Malhotra
    Mr. Anurag Malhotra